Light demarcation for industrial safety

GoboPro offers an innovative industrial safety solution in Dubai and UAE

On industrial demarcation

Light demarcation is an innovative method of marking hazardous areas using gobo projector technology.

This method provides high visibility demarcation in twilight and darkness, outperforming conventional marking methods. Conventional markings usually become indistinguishable due to dust/dirt, snow/ice, chips or technical spills.
Light demarcation works reliably on any surface (industrial floors, ditches, excavations, trenches, soil, etc.) and in all weather conditions (snow, rain, scorching sun or fog), it will demonstrate superior performance.

Light demarcation has been successfully applied using gobo projector technology, providing reliable visibility and safety in a variety of conditions and surfaces.

Video example of light demarcation in production areas.

Advantages of light demarcation

  • Safety

    Industrial demarcation provides better visibility of the boundaries of hazardous areas, it attracts the attention of personnel without blinding or causing unpleasant sensations from bright light. All of this contributes to improving personnel safety at work and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Sustainability

    Projection industrial markings are resistant to mechanical and abrasive wear. The gobo projectors themselves are protected against moisture and dust according to IP65 standard, which allows them to withstand aggressive conditions of industrial enterprises. They can also be installed in production facilities with increased vibration.
  • Versatility

    Light gobo projectors can work in a wide range of conditions: in high humidity, at extreme temperatures from +50 to -50°C. Installation of the projectors does not require special knowledge or tools, the installation process is no more complicated than installing a light bulb.

Scope of application of industrial demarcation

Gobo projectors are used in all industries

Scope of application: demarcation markings, hazardous area projection and warning sign projection.

The images show examples of hazardous area projection in industrial plants and warehouses. GoboPro projectors are used for light demarcation. The projectors are switched on when the production process starts, which lets employees know where the danger zone is.

The most popular gobo projectors for light demarcation:

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