Projected crosswalks and road signs

Gobopro offers projected road markings to keep drivers and pedestrians safe in Dubai and UAE

About projected road crossings and signs

Gobo projectors are used to create projection road signs and crosswalks that provide better visibility for drivers and safety for pedestrians

In many cities around the world, projection road markings are actively used at crosswalks as part of the national project "Safe Quality Roads". Special gobo projectors that project road markings are installed above crosswalks.

Such innovative markings are an addition to traditional thermoplastic markings and have a number of advantages.



Projection crosswalks do not wear out over time, they are resistant to external influences (dirt, sand, reagents). Unlike a conventional crosswalk, a projection crosswalk does not need to be renewed.

Good visibility in all conditions

In poor visibility conditions, sandstorms or rain, the projection crossing can be seen from afar. The gobo projector illuminates pedestrians well, doing a better job than streetlights. More than 140 meters before the projected crosswalk, the driver is able to see a person, react and slow down.


The introduction of projection markings in Russian cities has been a significant step in ensuring road safety and improving traffic efficiency. This innovative technology has served to reduce traffic accidents by 50% and traffic fatalities by 3.5 times (compared to 2022 without projection markings).

Gobo projectors for projecting crosswalks and traffic signs:

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About the technology of projection crossings.
According to statistics, unfavorable weather conditions and poor visibility increase the probability of accidents by 15%. The technology of projection road crossings allows to reduce this percentage to a minimum.

Crosswalks are mounted with special lighting equipment - gobo projectors. Gobo projectors project light road markings that correspond to the standard design of crosswalks. The projection exactly repeats the contour of the crosswalk.

Projection crosswalks illuminate pedestrians and are visible from afar to drivers. Due to light and brightness they increase the safety of all road users.
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